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Birds of Paradise, Wrapped

In January of 2023, Thea produced a 50K short film in Hawaii, written/directed by Veronica Rutledge. It is slated for a festival run in 2024. 

This is He, Released

After a fantastic festival run in 2022, Thea's company Size 22 Productions released its newest short, This is He on April 17th, 2023. This was a true Covid production; both leads were shot in separate locations speaking on the phone. It’s also notable for being a one-take, split screen film. Check it out here!

Peas in a Pod in Pre-Pro

Thea is attached to direct a new film written by and starring Tegen Short and Dion Costelloe, in summer of 2023. The crowdfund is launching in June. 

Overstimulated Begins Festival Run

Thea plays 'the hearthrob' in this amazing pilot by Taylor Karin which recently premiered at SeriesFest in Denver, Co. Later this summer it will play at Dances with Films Festival at Hollywood's historic Grauman's Chinese theater. 

The Dastardly Thornes v. The Town of Goldhaven 

Thea will play 'Mah' in Nate Weida and Ben Holbrook's new musical workshop. Performances will be at The Brick in BK, from July 21st to Aug 12th, 2023.

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