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Thea was born a multi-hyphenate. 


Raised in rural Vermont with mainly livestock for friends (the nearest neighbor was a mile away), she quickly took to all forms of physical expression, especially in the outdoors. From an early age, Thea became an expert swimmer and horseback rider, and in high school she toggled between running high hurdles on the track team and studying hip hop and modern dance. 


Similarly, Thea was drawn to music - her parents met doing Gilbert and Sullivan with the local opera (her mother choreographed, her father played the henchmen roles), and only played classical in the house. As soon as she could, Thea joined the youth choir and started voice and piano lessons. She began writing songs, which became a lifelong habit - then ran, arranged music, and occasionally beatboxed for her high school a capella group.


Thea attended the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama, where she further channelled her love for movement into physical comedy and dance, her favorite classes being clown and mask. To this day, Thea teaches movement, clown, and voice & speech in workshops and classes all over New York. Other notable training which Thea enjoys passing along to her students includes Laban, Viewpoints, Suzuki, and Linklater. 


Since graduating, Thea has lived on three coasts, starred in two national tours and myriad regional productions, joined two theater companies, performed in a one-woman show, produced a debut album of original music, sung in cabarets all over the country (but mostly NY/LA), acted in motion capture suits for video games, danced in several music videos; and sold vodka, cold medicine, coffee, furniture, and couple different kinds of cars, on television. 


In 2018, Thea decided to pursue an MFA in film directing at Brooklyn College’s new Feirstein School of Cinema. Her first four films have been selected at a combined 25 festivals, including Heartland, RiverRun, Sunscreen, Brooklyn, and Portland Film Festivals. Her films have been finalists at ARFF Paris, Dumbo, Miami, Rhode Island, and Austin Film Festivals, and won awards at Albany and Short.Sweet. Film Festivals. Coney Island August streamed with Comcast to over 30,000 homes in 2021. 


Most recently, Thea wrote and directed another comedic short, ‘Kyrie’ (based on her experiences singing in church choirs), and did a Super Bowl commercial with Jimmy Fallon where he beat her at poker. 

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