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Thea’s first four short films have screened at a combined 25 festivals, including Heartland (2x), RiverRun (2x), Sunscreen (2x), Brooklyn, and Portland Film Festivals. Her films have been finalists at ARFF Paris, Dumbo, Miami, Rhode Island, and Austin Film Festivals, and won awards at Albany and Short.Sweet. Film Festivals.


Her film Coney Island August streamed with Comcast to over 30,000 homes in 2021!

APRIL 17th

This is He (2021)

Two brothers discover each other's existence when their father passes.

Writer / Director Thea Brooks

Starring Derek Grabner and Derrick Trumbly

Producer Ale Browning

DP Mohammed Morsy

Editor Fran Wistuba

The Puzzle (2019)

A newlywed couple in the 1960's struggle to consummate their union.

Writer / Director Thea Brooks

Starring Taylor Rose and Thomas Muccioli

Producer Rachel Wolak-Frank

DP Rafael Alvarado

Editors Thea Brooks and Andrew Camera

Coney Island, August (2020)

A young couple goes on a date to Coney Island. Something is clearly off between them.

Writer / Director Thea Brooks

Starring Rivka Rivera and Nicholas McGovern

Producer Veronica Rutledge

DP Fawwaz Allie

Editor Andrew Camera

The Ill-Made Knight (2018)

A 3rd grader fights to save the forest in her backyard from a logging company, and in doing so finds unexpected allies.

Writer/Producer Thea Brooks

Starring Eliana Brenden, Jake Vedova, Michael Barbour, Tricia Paoluccio, Steve Blanchard, Kirsten Scott

Director Matthew Celia

DP Kara Lancaster

Editors Matthew Celia and Kara Lancaster

Co-Producer Amanda Montenegro

Deceived (2020)

Music Video for artist Jeff Taylor. 

Concieved/Directed by Thea Brooks

Starring Michelle Veintimilla, Gabriel Lawrence, and Jeff Taylor

Producer Matt Hagemeier

DP Fawwaz Allie

Editor Andrew Camera

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